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Shipping Basics

How are shipping prices calculated?

Shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight of your package and your shipping destination. Oversized packages can also affect your shipping cost.

To see your estimated shipping cost as you're shopping, go to your cart and enter your zip code. (Currently this feature only applies to order destinations in the U.S. International addresses will receive their shipping cost at checkout). More shipping options and expedited shipping are available at checkout for all orders.

How can you minimize shipping costs?

We do our best to keep your shipping costs as low as possible and work with UPS to get reduced rates for you. Here are some tips you can apply to further optimize your cost of shipping. We provide an information bubble (click the icon) in your shopping cart that explains how your specific order will ship so you can apply the tips listed below to each individual order of wood.

Shipping costs are based on the weight of the package.

Lumber is heavy, so order pieces as close as possible to your project's requirements. A 3/4" thick board will cost less to ship than a rough 1" thick board.

Heavy orders are split into multiple packages.

Packages that weigh more than 50 lbs generally incur an additional fee. To avoid that fee, every order over 50 lbs gets split into multiple packages to optimize your shipping costs. We provide an information bubble in your shopping cart to notify you of any orders that will split into multiple packages. If you find yourself with an order just over the weight limit, consider reducing it by a piece or two to ensure that it ships in one package.

Optimize shipping by ordering more wood at a time.

While the shipping cost does increase with the weight of the package, this rule doesn't apply linearly. A package that weighs 20 lbs is cheaper to ship than two 10 lbs packages.

Order lumber in 47" or shorter sections.

UPS charges an oversized package fee for any package longer than 48" long. Only order pieces longer than 47" if absolutely necessary to optimize shipping costs.

Alaska and Hawaii

Previously we used flat rate boxes to ship to Alaska and Hawai'i, however USPS discontinued the large gameboard-sized boxes. Now the cheapest option is USPS Ground Advantage or Priority mail.

How is the wood packaged?

We take great care in packaging your order to ensue safe delivery to your door. The wood is wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent water or moisture damage, and packaged securely in a cardboard box. When necessary, plywood or scrap wood is used to protect small pieces from breaking.

When can you expect your wood to be delivered?

UPS transit time map

Picking pieces of wood to fill your order requires care and attention to detail, so this process does take time.

Can you places orders to ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping options and prices are available for international shipments at checkout.

What is the largest size that can be shipped?

UPS won't accept packages over 8' long. Anything longer than that will have to be shipped via ground freight on a pallet. This is usually only a viable option for shipments that weigh more than 250 lbs.