What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is an online payment system similar to Paypal that moves money from your bank account to ours, keeping the credit card companies out the equation. We have been using them to pay some of our vendors for a few years and we really like their service.

Why use Dwolla?

With the cost of everything on the uprise we are always trying to find ways to cut costs and keep our prices down. One of our bigger expenses is credit card fees, and since we aren’t exactly fond of credit card companies, we don’t feel any guilt eliminating them from our lives. Enter Dwolla. Dwolla only charges us $0.25 per transaction, saving us money so we can keep our wood prices as low as possible.

Why not Paypal?

Paypal actually charges us the same, if not more than the credit card companies. And while Paypal is more secure than paying with a credit card, Dwolla offers the same level of security. Plus we think it is more simple and user friendly than Paypal.

Do I need an account?

No, you can check out as a guest and use your bank routing number to transfer funds. Time wise, it takes about as long to pay as a guest as it would take to create an account, so if you ever plan on using their service again it’s best to create an account.

And if that’s not enough they’re another one of those “good midwestern companies”.
Now, go pay with Dwolla!